Flexy 205 connection to VPN

From Form, must contact customer as reply won’t work:
Hi! I am having some problems one of the eWon Flexy 205. Before we send the device to the customer, I configured the internet (Ethernet Internet Connection) and VPN. Everything was working ok. I sent it out to the field, and it was installed at a customer’s site. They used it for couple of months without an issue. Then, it didn’t go online. I used the team viewer to connect remotely. I was able to see the device locally from the web browser or ebuddy but not from the ecatcher even the web browser shows the internet and VPN connection is OK. They send the eWon back to us. I got the same problem. I was able to see it from ebuddy or web browser but couldn’t connect from e-catcher. We did a factory setting. And, now we are unable to see the device at all even locally. There is no antivirus and/or firewall is restricting traffic to the eBuddy software. We totally lost the device connection. SN number is 1835-0248-24, MAC# 00:03:27:07:B7:96 . Could you please advise what we can do for now? It seems like we will end up to send the device back to you for a replacement.

Yeliz Terzi
Bauer compressors

Have you performed the reset succesfully?

If so, try to perform a recovery of the device to the latest firmware?

If not try setting you Tap to the default IP range of 10.0.0.x and check eBuddy again.