Flexy 205 Ethernet cable info via VPN?


We have multiple Ewon Flexy 205’s on the field, great product!

  • Is there a way to determine if LAN cable is connected, via eCatcher VPN? We’re having strange communication blackouts for LAN side PLC’s and would be nice to see if the lights are green on Ewon ports.

/ Simo


I have 205 in the field with WAN ethernet. Internet and VPN works fine.

WAN 10.85.xxx.xxx

LAN side PLC:

eCatcher says Ewon has 10.29.xx.xx → What is this address? WebGUI opens via that address. But, I can also access Ewon via

My computer has also eCatcher IP 10.29.xx.xx

If I scan eCatcher adapter network traffic with Wireshark, ARP messages have zero 10.10.xxx.xxx addresses, but few of 10.29.xxx.xxx

I am trying to find all devices from Ewon LAN side network, by scanning ARP messages on the traffic.