Flexy 205 Fallback config issue


I spoke with Tim I believe earlier today with a fallback issue on my Flexy 205

Primary: Cellular

Secondary: WiFi

Unit will fallback to WiFi when cellular antenna is removed but will not fallback to WiFi after fallback connection duration has expired and cellular antenna is still removed.

We reconfigured the device as WiFi primary and cellular secondary and I did not have this problem, it would remain on cellular after the fallback connection duration.

Any help with configuration would be great.

Backup with support files is included.




Was this still when you were using your hot spot as the internet connection? It looks like the connection is getting rejected

I reconfigured the unit to connect to the original network “Aq” on the WiFi fallback and redid the test.

Still seeing the unit fall back to WiFi when antenna is removed but after the fallback duration has expired it and antenna is still removed it isn’t falling back to WiFi.

Can you try this with the default fallback connection settings and see if it’s still running into these issues?

I do not understand the question. Was there supposed to be something to do?

I was going to suggest hitting the initialize button on the internet wizard to clear out the WAN settings and trying this again from the default settings.

However, just to make sure, these are the settings you’re using right now right

Primary: Cell
Secondary: Wifi

And when you remove the cell antenna, the device goes back to the Wifi network until it reaches the end of the secondary connection time. Then it retries the Cell connection (still no antenna) and it won’t fallback to the Wifi a second time?

Yes, that is exactly the issue.

I’ll check with one of my colleagues and see if there’s something they can recommend on this

That’d be great, thank you very much.

My colleague recommended that you increase the retries back to 3. He also gave the following explanation on how these features work.

You are connected to the primary interface and then the connection goes down. The unit will then start to test the primary interface to make sure it’s down.

It will test the primary connection 3 times to make sure that the connection is really down. After 3 fails, it will switch to the secondary interface.

After 1 hour on the secondary interface the eWON will check the primary interface again and if it’s still down it will go back to the secondary interface again.

It appears if the number of retries is too low you will not come back on the primary interface B/ You will be disconnected at every perturbation.

If it’s too high when you are disconnected during the testing to see if the primary interface is back … the system will continue the retries

Any luck yet? This is something I would like to get resolved today.

Daniel Burton

I made the change to 3 retries and now it doesn’t ever fall back to Wifi

Sorry for the delay on these. I’m trying to figure out what might be the issue but it’s a little difficult since I don’t have a device with me to test this with. I’m going to check with my colleague in Belgium again tomorrow and see if there’s anything else we can try

Hi Daniel,

We’re having a little bit of trouble narrowing this down because there’s so much in the event logs. Can you enter this and clear out your event logs?

Also looking back earlier, just to make sure, you said that this was working when you have the wifi set as the primary and the cell as the secondary right? If that’s the case we’d recommend this because you’d likely have a stronger connection and save on data plans than with the cell provider.

If you want to keep trying with having the cell be the primary connection can you try and run it again with the cell antenna disconnected and see if it’s still not falling back?


Thank you for your help. Unfortunately we had to ship out the device at the end of the day yesterday to support the customer. The ideal solution was not implemented but hopefully it works.

I will not be able to resume testing until I have the unit back, at that time I will let you know.

Ok if they run into issues please ask them to give us a call