Flexy 205 - GSM protocol error



Hi all,

I’m writing here because I need some support to resolve an issue with SMS sending on flexy 205.
Since two months, casually happens that the device can’t send out any sms on reply of mine and I need to restart the flexy to come back to the normal functionality.
Checking the log, I found the error “sms-GSM protocol error (6)” (or (5) or (0)), error code 23514.

I looked into official error guide but it didn’t help me:

Event Description Originator
23514 sms-GSM protcol error (6) unact

- This message indicates that eWON could not send out the SMS. The GSM modem answered with an error.
This error will be raised when your SIM Card cannot send out SMS. The most common reason for this is that the SMS option has not been activate for the SIM card.

To solve the problem check with your SIM card provider if the SMS option is enabled on the SIM card or not.

- It appears also when the phone number mentioned in the syntax (to send a SMS from an eWON) is not valide (for example : incorrect or incompleted phone number without prefix ) for GSM Operator.

I’m sure that the SIM is enable to send SMS and the number is valide. Also the signal is good: I checked it connecting a laptop directly via LAN to the flexy and checking the info about Modem (I’m using FLB 3204 (4G EU)). My mobile has the same operator and it has no problem.

Please could help me?

Thank you,


Hi BR,

Does the device send out SMS successfully at some times and not at others, or do none go through? If they don’t work at all, you may need to confirm the APN and/or text services.

If it still doesn’t work, please attach a backup of the device, use eBuddy, Backup and make sure to “Include Support files” so we can take a closer look.

Thank you,


Hi Kyle,

the device send out sms since the first installation, on August 2018.
This problem is appeared twice in last two week and once in january.

Unfortunately I can’t go in these days to the place where flexy is installed.
Can I give you other files to have a look? e.g. program.bas, logs…etc.

Please let me know.

Thank you

Best Regards



Yes, please use eBuddy to create a backup and “Include Support Files”


Hi Kyle,

I just sent it to you in PM.

Thank you,


Hi Luca,

Can you send that message to me instead? Kyle is going to be out of the office this week so I’ll take over this ticket for him.



Hi Tim,

I’m writing here again because in last two weeks I had the same problem and flexy is now offline and unreachable.
I’m going to restart it.

Are you free this morning to connect to it via teamviewer?

Thank you.


Hi Luca,

I’m free now if that works for you, if not can we set up a time where you’ll be available