Flexy 205 Historical Table date format



I currently have a BASIC script that I use to send an email out at different times each day with some tag values from my attached PLC. I used a script because I wanted to include the tag values in the body of the email. I also attach a historical table to the email. Is there any way to change the date format of the TimeStr column of the table to the (silly) American way (mm/dd/yyyy)?


Hi this should work for what you’re trying to do

I just made a string tag called American time and you should be able to put this into your function

A$ = TIME$
AmericanTime@ = A$(4 TO 6) + A$(1 TO 3) + A$(7 TO 16)


Thanks for the reply!

Your response leads me to another question then. Right now, I just used the EBD to generate the attachment for the historical table. It is shown below:

&[$dtHT $ftH $fnHistoricalData.html $st_h8 $et_h0]

Is there a way to make a “custom” historical table? I assume I would have to write a script to generate it and include the tag you made to shove into the date instead of the default one.


Hi @benjammn

I thought you just wanted the tag to be in the body of the email, if you want it to be in the historical logs you’ll need to create custom historical logs. I do have an example I coded earlier if you’d like to use it as a reference:

custom_historical_log_example.txt (2.4 KB)


Awesome, I will dig into that example and make it work. Thanks!


You’re welcome! let me know if you have any questions