Flexy 205 LAN side monitoring/troubleshooting tools?

On the Flexy 205 GUI, is there no way to easily see the activity of the LAN ports? IE, if I’m connected to a 205 in another building I would like to see if there is a cable plugged into each port. I’d expect to have functionality similar to viewing the Windows Network & Sharing Center, where it will tell me if a cable is disconnected or better yet if there is activity in a visual way (similar to activity LEDs). I can’t find anything that gives me that information. Also is there not a ping command within the GUI for the LAN side? I would expect these to be very much minimum functionality for a device that is expected to be remote.


Are you looking to have a visual indicator for each port or just overall if there is activity on the LAN ports?

Something similar to Ping can also be performed inside of the BASIC IDE portion of the Flexy



Ideally visual indicators for each port coupled with whatever array of tools would be able to be used to troubleshoot the LAN network. Think along the lines of if I was local and wanted to troubleshoot LAN devices I would be able to use Wireshark & SolarWinds IP Address Tracker to get the full story of what’s out there in the entire subnet. Ideally I should already know this when setting up the 205, but remotely things get plugged in and unplugged (or powered down for maintenance, etc.) all the time. I’ll look into the Basic IDE Ping alternative, that would at least be a start.


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Hi Craig,

If you are connected to the eWON via eCatcher (VPN), your PC is going to be on the LAN subnet, so you can ping any devices from the PC, or run an IP scanner or other network tools. Tim had mentioned using BASIC to ping and you can also use it to create alerts if a device goes offline.

You can also use ViewON to create visual representations of just about anything connected to the device. https://websupport.ewon.biz/sites/default/files/aug-005-2-en-viewon_-_getting_started.pdf

The devices also support SNMP.

In some cases, customers will also attach an IP camera so they can see what is physically going on with the device or surroundings.


Hi Craig,

Just wanted to see if this is still an issue before I close this ticket.

I think I’m good on this now. Still would like to see more troubleshooting stuff built into the Flexy GUI itself but not 100% required now.

Craig Bates | Senior Systems Engineer| NyproHealthcare