Flexy 205 loses connection to eFive

This system has an eFive and 3 remote Flexy 205’s. One remote site drops communication with the eFive intermittently anywhere from 1-4 times a day. There are errors in the logs in the remote Flexy but I don’t know how to interpret them. One of the other remote sites losses communication to the main and the customer had to power cycle the central eFive to re-establish communications. Why would re-booting the main fix connectivity problems with the remote? How can I utilize the error log to troubleshoot the problems mentioned above?

Hi @jlayne,

To start off with can you send me a backup.tar file of one of the flexy devices from eBuddy with support files included?

This will let me take a look at the event logs and then we might be able to see what’s causing it to go down


Tim, I responded back with an email and the info you requested. Did you receive that information?

Hi @jlayne,

I never received a message back on this ticket until today. I did see that Brad sent me some info on the devices and took a look at those though. This is what I sent back to him:

I took a look at the backups and it looks like the max connection time was set to an hour for the SIM cards.

You’ll need to go on and either set the max cnx time to 0 (I’ve heard that some of the SIM providers don’t like this) or set it to something like 23 hours and 59 minutes so it will only disconnect once per day.


I just logged into the system for Joe, and found that the station that has been working best had 0 set for the global timeout, and the other 2 sites were set to 1440 minutes(24 hours) for maximum duration time.

I set the other 2 sites to 0, and we will watch for a day or two to see if things straighten up.


Thanks Brad,

If it’s still having an issue after that can you send me some backups of the devices with support files included again?