Flexy 205 Tag Configuration

I have a Flexy 205 reading MODBUS data from a Prosoft PLX31-EIP-MBTCP. The eWON manuals are incomplete, and many of the “supporting documents” cannot be found on the eWON site. The “Downloads and Documentation” section is BLANK!

All the files found using the FTP are blank, so how can I “edit” them when there’s nothing to edit? Is there another way to configure ~200 tags? Doing this manually is a major waste of time. Can’t it be done in a CSV file or something like that? The documentation doesn’t discuss this, and other options listed in the documentation DO NOT WORK. Your “Step-by-Step Guide” on the website DOES NOT WORK. Each topic in the so-called guide just returns to a blank FAQ page. This is very painful, and your website IS NOT HELPING.

I just want to configure 200 tags. Performing it manually on the device webpage takes too long. The eWON site and “documentation” is useless. Can this be done or not? If so, then EXACTLY how? If not, then we’ll probably have to go with a different product.

Hello Mike,

What site is missing the Downloads and documentation? I would like to make sure we get this to the team that runs the site. Here a link to the all downloads page for the Flexy 205. https://ewon.biz/technical-support/resources/downloads-and-documentation?ordercode=FLEXY20500_00MA

The Files show up with no size since they are generated when the request for the file is made. For example when you copy the var_lst.csv the ewon sees the request generates the list of tags then sends the file. This is similar when you copy the var_lst.csv back. The Flexy receives the file then parses it and adds the new tags to the devices configuration. Keep in mind this means you can not edit the files directly on the Flexy.

Keep in mind the CSV file is semicolon delimited. I find it easiest to first open the file in notepad and perform a find and replace all. Find all semicolons (;) and replace with a commas (,) then open the file in excel. Once done save and close out of excel then open it back up in notepad and switch the characters back.


Hi Deryck, thank you for the link.

From this page (the only one I have found when using the eWON site to eventually navigate to anything for the Flexy):

  1.   Selecting the “Downloads and Documentation” link on the left side of the screen [leads here](https://www.ewon.biz/technical-support/resources/downloads-and-documentation?ordercode=):
  2.   Selecting any option on the “Step-by-Step Guide” [

leads here](https://www.ewon.biz/technical-support/step-by-step-guide/preparation?ordercode=):

  1.   At no point was I able to find or get directed to the location of the link you sent.

Also, when using this page:

  1.   Selecting the “-à Visit HMS how” button leads to [this page](https://forum.hms-networks.com/)

a. This is just a forum

b. I was unable to find an actual email address for support until a sales engineer assisted via the chat.

                                                           i.      The chat only came up after visiting the eWON page several times

Regarding your description of the FTP: I’ve created about 20 tags on the device web page. It will be much easier to do it in excel, and just load them onto the device. I understand that the files are blank when displayed on the FTP explorer. The issue is that they remain blank even after copied to a disk location. Editing a blank CSV will only be helpful if I can see the syntax used for the tags. What format/syntax is used for the CSV or text files? Just to confirm: once I can make a list of tags in the CSV file, do I then just copy it back into the FTP explorer?

Here’s a couple of posts that go over how to add/modify tags by going through excel/notepad in filezilla that might be helpful.