Flexy 205 Tag Visibility Settings

I am attempting to use a Flexy 205 to convert Modbus Serial to Modbus TCP using the Tag Visibility settings to let me read the data off of the Flexy. I have around 200 tags that I will need to set this up for, so I am trying to use the spreadsheet (eWON TAG GENERATOR REV 7) to mass edit them and import it to the device. However, the tag visibility settings did not transfer when I used the import function. I initially manually created one tag to have a template for the remaining tags in the spreadsheet. Is this not a feature of the spreadsheet, or am I doing something incorrectly?

What tag visibility settings are you trying to modify? I was able to successfully update the KPI and Modbus TCP publishing register for my tags using the macro.

Can you share a screenshot of how you’ve configured the settings in the tag generator spreadsheet?