Flexy 205 - Using BASIC IDE to log group of tags

Hi, I am using the command (LOGGROUPIO “A”, 5) in BASIC IDE. In the basic program I run the command when an event happens. I only want to log on this event.

Looking at my files in the HISTORICAL TABLE or HISTORICAL CHART it looks like the logging is on all the time? Do you require to TURN off the logging with a specific command? At the moment the basic program simply does not run the command when the ‘event’ is off. Cheers

How is the historical logging for your tags configured? Historical logging must be enabled for those tags to use LOGGROUPIO, but you can set the deadband to -1 and logging interval to 0 to disable historical logging unless it is explicitly triggered.

Note that when viewing historical logs, rows will be created every time a tag is logged, so if the a tag that is only logging through LOGGROUPIO hasn’t been logged in a while, it will still appear to have the same value as when it was last logged. You can avoid this by ensuring all the tags in group A are logged manually, then only viewing the logs for that group.

Hi, I will check these items out as soon as possible. I’ll get back to you.Thanks.

deadband is -1 and logging interval was 600, now 0.
Do not understand what you mean when you say “ensure tags in group A are logged manually”?

By that I mean if the deadband is -1 and the interval is 0, the only way the tags can be logged is by manually triggering the logging with LOGGROUPIO.