Flexy 205 w/ Wifi Adapter to extend LAN


I recently installed a Flexy 205 and use it to remotely access mobile equipment through a 4G modem extension card, which works great.

I also installed a wifi adapter extension card with the intent of using it to extend my LAN to another component located on a separate vehicle. There is an access point installed on the other component that is set up with an address on the same LAN network as the flexy.

Is it possible to use the wifi adapter to connect to this access point and extend my LAN network to the other component while using the 4G modem for internet access? It seems to me that I can only use the wifi card as a backup for internet connection…


You couldn’t use the wifi card as a LAN device. However, you could put a wireless access point or gateway on the LAN side of the Flexy network to connect to the other device.