Flexy alarm not reverting to END or RTN


Flexy 205, 14.3s0

I have a problem that showed up a few days ago and I’m not sure what changed. I have tags setup to monitor status of modbus connections. Recently the alarms do not revert to END when the connection is ok, so it is not received in the Datamailbox and the alarm summary page still shows it as Hi.

I can’t easily reboot the Flexy as it is in a production environment.


Thanks, Ashfaak

Hi Ashfaak,

Could you capture a backup with support files for us to look at? To do this, open eBuddy, select the Ewon device you’d like help with, and click “Backup/Restore”. Make sure to check “include support files”, then click through to create a backup.

If you don’t have it, you can download eBuddy here: Ewon Software Download | Ewon Technical Support


I actually managed to restart the Flexy but that did not help.

There are a large number of messages in the logs associated with interference on one of its Ethernet ports. How long are the Ethernet cables connected to its WAN and LAN ports? Are they shielded? Do they run past any sources of interference?