Flexy and Beijer HMI


What ways could I read data coming from a Flexy on a Beijer HMI ?


Hi Lars,

Without knowing more about which Beijer HMI, I can give you the following information on the IO servers that we support.

MEM - Internal Memory
EWON - eWON integrated Digital input and output either FLX3401, FLX 3402, or on the power connector.
MODBUS - Modbus devices (TCP/RTU)
DF1 - Allen Bradley PLC on the SLC family
ABLOGIX - Allen Bradley PLC of the Controllogix family
S73&400 - Siemens S7-300 and S7-400 (MPI/Profibus/ISOTCP)
S7200 - Siemens S7-200 (PPI/ISOTCP)
MELSEC - Mitsubishi IO servers
MITSUFX - Mitsubishi FX servers using RS-422 base unit programming
FINS - Omron PLC
BACNET - Bacnet/IP protocol based on UDP/IP
UNITE - Schneider PLC (Unitelway)
SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol (any SNMP v1 device)
S5-AS511 - Siemens S5 PLCs using AS511 protocol
NETMPI - Siemens devices using eLink

For more information on these please see the following documents:


ok, I found this previous post, so I was more curious if the HMI was used to read Flexy data remotely or was the Flexy just used to allow connectivity to the Beijer HMI remotely?


Hi Lars,

If you’re trying to read data on the Flexy from an HMI, this post might be helpful for you:



Hi Lars,

Just wanted to see if this issue was resolved before I close this ticket