Flexy and PLC Connection


sir, and for the connection wiring scheme between the eWon and the M221 PLC what use as cable? can you send me a detailed wiring diagram


Connexion avec ecatcher

Here is are documentation on setting up a Schneider PLC.




thank you, I made the local connection of the controller with the eWon, I entered my values of variable, I am doing the supervision interfaces with viewOn, for the LEDs I want to do the sycronisation with the PLC and I tried with the animation function, it did not work ,

can you help me



how can i associate tag to viewon object (i.e. symbol colorspot to show status of boolean tag) or change previously associated tag at runtime using basic script.
plz guide me on this.


You will have to import your tags from your device found on page 8 of the following document. For setting up animations with the tags you can refer to section 6 of the same document.


hi ,
I’ve already imported tags and done animation but I want the light to be in real time with the eWon


What lights are you wanting to be in real time? How fast are you trying to make these changes?


indicators, lights, 500ml second



The Flexy does close to real time. Since your reading off the Flexy then having an animation happen after the read there will be a small delay.