Flexy communication problems


My client has[color=red]MOVED TO STAFF NOTE[/color] (26 KB) with his Flexy, he uses eCatcher, the Flexy is often offline, sometimes online! SIM card is OK, The Flexy is FW 11.0.s.0 attached a backup. what could be the problem in your opinion?



Could you send a backup file with the support files? here is what the option looks like.



Hi, sorry for the delay, my client has just sent me the backup.



I would suggest having them update their devices firmware to 13.3 since they are currently on 11. they will have to do the pivot upgrade( 12.0 then 13.0) before they can upgrade to 13.3.

I am also seeing a lot of DF1 error. I am not sure if this is from them disconnecting the PLC it may be one of the addresses for the tags has changed. they can check this by disabling tags in error inside the io server global settings.


I am seeing also Reboot reason: power loss, what do you think about this?



Has updating the firmware resolved the problem.