Flexy DFI IO Server

We are using a Flexy connected to an AllenBradley PLC. The IO Server is a DF1. The tags we are referencing are with an address starting with the letter L, such as L45:10.

When we set the tags up with a csv file and import into the Flexy unit then the tags are working just fine.

When we try and change the tags using the web interface of the Flexy unit the error will pop up for the tag address.

Hello @tedsch,

L does not look like a valid file type identifier for the tags we support. By uploading the CSV your are circumventing the tag check performed via the webpage.

Be nice if that was changed in future firmware versions as that is a valid tag address.

Hi Ted,

I was just looking into this data type. From some references found online it looks like L might not be universally supported but I cant say for sure. I will forward this along to see if it can be added.