Flexy - Downloading HMI screen fails and corrupts - Panel View PLus

Scott has recently updated to 13.2 and is now having a problem downloading screens to HMI with Factory talk transfer utility. Download fails and screen is corrupted requiringa factory reset of the device. He called Allen Bradley support and they said it has somethign to do with a socket closing, and it’s not the HMI, The ewon logs show a bunch of write UDPv4[]: No buffer space available (code=105) errors at that time.

Any word from the brain trust?

We haven’t had anyone else report this problem or be able to replicate it at this point. Have you been able to test a different machine yet or gather any new data/errors/logs?


Can I get the version of FactoryTalk Transfer Utility version, the HMI model, and how it is connected to Flexy (through switch or not)?

Do you have a recent log file I could send them too?

Thank you,

Hey Scott,

The guys in Belgium need a full backup with support files for the device where you are having problems downloading to the HMI. If you can send me one or give me access to the device with a temp account that would be great.


Found that this is only happening when VPN is in UDP mode.

Scott changed his devices to use TCP and has not had this problem since.**

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