Flexy Firmware v13 User Manual


Is there a new User Manual for the latest version of Firmware? All the manuals that I can find online still refer to the old version of firmware. I have recently updated my firmware and the navigation is very different. I cannot even figure out how to add a new MODBUS tag, and the tags I do have (restored from a backup) all have 0 as the value. I am not sure if that is supposed to be the MODBUS address or something else.


I’ll need to see if there’s a new user manual, but in the meantime I can give you this info.

First go to tags, then click values, change the mode to setup and then hit add

From there, you can go to the IO servers and change the server name to Modbus and add in the information for the tag


If the tags have a value of zero, I’m thinking that either that is the value they are reading, or it’s not getting data. The address is something that is assigned in the setup when you add the tag, but it is not what shows up for value.



just wanted to check and see if this issue was resolved before I close this ticket,



Yes resolved.


Shane Moore