Flexy IO Extension Modules



Are there any plans to extend the capabilities of IO monitoring, specifically more AI, less DI on an IO card? A solution that our company is working on would require more AI than which is currently offered in the FLX3402 (using all 4 slots in the chassis of a Flexy 201/202) . By the way, we greatly appreciate the ability to now switch the AI between 0-10V and 4-20mA with the release of the 3402.


Hello @HEATEC,

I am not aware of any planned changes to add more Analog input to the IO card. What might work for you would be an IO extender that we offer for the Netbiter. We off a Netbiter I/O Extender 8AIIS (8 4-20 mA isolated analog inputs) & Netbiter I/O Extender 8AIV (8 x Analog input, 0 - 10 V). While there are designed for the netbiter they are Modbus RTU devices so with a serial card on the Flexy it would be able to connect and pull data off of the extenders.