Flexy Loses Activation Code


I have a Flexy201 that loses it’s activation code after 1-2 days and goes offline. When I go back into it locally, I put the activation code back in and run the tests and it comes back online. But this repeats about every two days or so. Any suggestions?


Is it on the latest firmware?

Also can we get a backup of the device with the support files included?


Yes it is on the latest firmware and I’ll send you the backup via email soon.


Hey Don,

Do you know if this still occurs if there’s nothing running in the Basic IDE?


No, this has been running this demo for over two years. It started losing the activation code about 6-10 months ago. I keep going back in and running the T2M wizard to get it back again.

I can give you access to my account if you want to take a look.



Tim, Did you have a chance to look at this? It is still on line now. I sent you a login and password on Monday.