Flexy Losing Configuration after 3 days without power

I am having an issue where some eWON Flexy units arrive on-site set back to their factory default settings - ie. IDE, Tags, Settings, logins are all wiped out. On the one occasion, I noticed the unit retained its “Name” and connection settings but everything else was wiped clean.

At first, I assumed that I screwed up or overlooked something and have since developed an FAT which checks all config settings and performs a power cycle test prior to shipment to ensure the unit will come back online as configured after being shipped.

At this stage, however, I am still experiencing this issue intermittently. Some units “survive” the shipping process with no issue while others get set back to their default settings.

Since becoming acutely aware of this problem, and despite my added QC efforts this has happened to me on (3) additional occasions where I am 100% certain the unit was configured properly at the date of shipment and somehow lost its program between here and its final destination.

A) Is this a known issue?
B) Is there some sort of limit on how long an eWON can be unplugged before it loses it’s program?
C) Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening moving forward?



This doesn’t seem like something that should be possible, the settings are saved to flash memory on the device. The only way that the device should be ending back with the default settings are if it goes through a level 2 factory reset.

Can you tell me more about the FAT that you developed to check the devices?

However if you are noticing this issue, one thing you could do is create a backup of the device and email the customer the backup file to restore the device to it’s previous settings.

The only thing I’ve heard of similar to this involved a devices clock not being synced up. In that case it took over a year of the device being off, but all of the other settings remained the same.

Just to make sure though, when you say losing configuration, do you mean that IP addresses revert to, and the username/password revert to adm?


Thanks for the response Tim,

Our Config/FAT is as follows:

  • We start with uploading a base project to the eWON. From here we run the wizards to name the unit, set up the internet and VPN (we use Ethernet, 3g, or 4g for our WAN).

  • From there we use the tag upload tool to transfer what tags we want to monitor on our PLC partners.

  • We verify that the IDE is functioning as desired and ensure that it is set to autorun and autosave.

  • Once this configuration is completed, we connect with eBuddy and save a backup of the project in TAR format.

  • I unceremoniously disconnect power to the eWON device, let it discharge for 2 minutes and reconnect power. I wait for the unit to boot up and become available on ecatcher as per the configuration.

  • Following the completion of this power cycle test I disconnect power once again, disconnect the antenna for shipment, crate up my control panel and ship it to the customer.

  • 6 months later, the equipment arrives on site where my tech connects the antenna and power however the unit does not boot up and show up on ecatcher. I asked the tech to ship it back to me.

  • I get the unit back, find that it has been set back to factory settings (adm/adm login) and upload the backup of my program back on. I do another power test, find the unit is fine and ship it back to the tech.

  • 3 days later my tech hooks it back up, i can see it on ecatcher, but when i go to go online with it it only accepts the (adm/adm) login, and my tags and IDE are blank.

  • I check my backup file and upload it to another unit I have on hand for R&D - and it pushes onto the machine the new logins, tags, and IDE.

  • I reconnect with the remote eWON and use ebuddy to push this backup file back on the machine and everything is as it was when I had it in my shop prior to sending it back to the site.

The strange thing is, on the first occasion this unit set back to adm/adm. The 2nd Time it lost it’s program, it only appeared to lose its tags/IDE.

Thanks again!


It seems like the way you’re setting up the device should be fine. The settings should not be going back to factory reset without somebody holding down the reset button during the initial powering on of the device.

If you’re sending out another one of these devices soon, would it be possible for us to take a look at the device on eCatcher before you ship it and then take a look at the device on the customer’s end when they receive the device?

Just to make sure I understand though, are you saying that when you first connected to the device the first time that the IP was reverted back to with adm/adm, but the program was still on the device? Also on the second time, you’re saying it lost the tags/IDE but kept it’s IP address and login info?

When I tried to connect the first time the IP and addresses were reverted back to and adm/adm and the program was wiped. The second time, the unit kept its IP and login, but the tags and IDE section were blank.

I’d be more than willing to let you remote in on our next unit FAT - we have 10 units scheduled for shipment through Nov 1st. I’ll DM you.

Thanks again!

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just wanted to see if you were still having this issue before I close the ticket


I am having the exact same problem and I am curious to know if you were able to find the issue in this case. This has happened to us as well that Flexy lost IDE script and all of the tag configurations after the device went through a power cycle. However the IP address is not set back to the default, that means the device not fully lose its memory.

Hi Maryam,

Sorry, some reason this never ended up back in our queue. Do you know if you had code written in the cyclic section?