Flexy Mitsubishi FX5


I had a query, how can a Flexy connect to a Mitsubishi FX5 PLC through an Analog signal? I have checked on the Flexy list under Mitsubishi, and it states up to FX3.

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Abhishek Doshi

The serial FX IO Server is described on page 69 of the IO Servers guide.

If you are connecting for remote access, also see KB-0264.

Make sure the Serial Cable is pinned correctly.

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Have checked the documents you attached but the extent that is displayed on the list is till FX3 which is old series, would it be the same for the FX5 series PLCs?


I believe so, but FX5 series have Ethernet, so that is what is typically used.

Yes, connected via a ethernet cable passing a analog value, but for the configuration would it just go through the FX3 channel?

According to our documentation, the FX5U PLC is part of the iQ family and is seen by eWON as a Q PLC. It says to edit the properties of the MELSEC IOserver, enable a Topic and type :

QCPU,<Protocol TCP/UDP>, <PLC IP Address>, <Port Number>, 0, 255

Then configure the Tag as described in MELSEC IO Server Section of General Reference

See page 76:

But if that does not work, I would recommend opening a support case at https://support.hms-networks.com.