Flexy offline reason


Please review the attached log files and let me know why the unit was offline for three hours this morning.[color=red]MOVED TO STAFF NOTE[/color] (186 KB)



Reviewing the evelt logs, the dns server assigned to this device was not reachable for a few hours this morning. Have you reached out to you IT team to determine if server was offline?


The unit has a cell card in it for Internet access. None of the other units were offline that use cell cards.


That is interesting. The cell providers do provide the DNS information for the internet connection. Which cellular provider do you have?

I checked the GSM settings, and it looks like the device has a strong signal, and there were no errors or events to show a disconnect from the network. Just the DNS server being unreachable.


Verizon is the cellular provider.


I checked online for any DNS server issues for Verizon and there seems to be some outage issues.

Have you reached out to Verizon regarding this SIM card?


Hmm that seems odd since there is 2 more units installed within 3 miles of this one and they had no issues.



Hello, Those devices could have different DNS destinations.

As I said before, there has been outages. However, the site does not tell us of the root cause.


Not sure about the