Flexy Questions - Redundancy

Is there any way to do redundancy between two Flexy units? A customer wants to use the Flexy for alarm notifications, but would like two units in case one fails.

  • Per distributor, ideas so far are to just run two and get two notifications for alarms (if there aren’t that many) or have two Flexys configured and connected to the LAN, but only
    give one the WAN connection. Annunciate at the local system level if one Flexy dies (is there a handshake back to the PLC available?) in which case someone would have to manually move over the WAN connection.

Any ideas or suggestions?









Hi Lisa,

The easiest way to make a backup Flexy would be to take a backup of the current Flexy and pushing a backup to it using the method described in the post below:

You could then have both of these Flexys connected to the same network (as long as they have different IP addresses). If you don’t want that Flexy to have WAN access, you could just clear out the internet settings on that device, or do something like the Digital Input to disable it.

As for the handshake to the PLC, I guess you could do something like having a script setup to write a script with an Ontimer to change the value of a tag on the PLC similar to a heartbeat. Then if the PLC doesn’t notice a change after x minutes then you’d know the Flexy is down.