Flexy storage room


I have FLEXY 205 without extra SD storage. if there are 20 REAL, 20 BOOLEN, 20 INT tags, if they log every minute, how many days of history logging it should save up to?
thanks, just to have a roughly idea. currently I see the history logging only up to 3 days. is it correct?


Hi @Charles_UAS,

I think that this topic might be a good reference for you:

Questions about the Flexy


hi Tim, I read them. kind of understand the concept, but don’t know how to estimate my logging data size. for test purpose, I will remove some tags, give longer cycle time. so in concept, the logging period should be extended. right?


The less often that you are polling your data the longer the logging period should be. You can also change your logging method from a time based one to a deadband one that will only record the value if it changes by a certain threshold. If you want to keep it time based you could take a look at the internal memory information. You should then be able to see how much memory is currently being stored and then you could log for 10 minutes or so and calculate roughly how long it would be before the memory is filled