Flexy system tags

Where can I get a list of the system tags that are available in the Flexy? We are currently using the GSM_LEV tag and would like to see what other values / status tags are available to monitor.

You will find a list of all eWON tags on pg. 43-44 of the eWON IO Server Reference Guide.

The most common tag type to use here would be SYS (system) tags, such as the GSM_LEV tag you are already using.

System Tags

# Tag Address Description
1 SN_LO SN_LO provides the low part of the serial number.
2 SN_HI SN_HI provides the high part of the serial number.
3 SYS_UP SYS_UP provides the number of seconds that the eWON has been powered up.
4 GSM_REG GSM _REG will provide the current GSM status. For example, a value of 1 or 5 = currently registered with the cellular network.
5 GSM_LEV GSM_LEV provides the current signal strenght as an integer.

Hopefully this helps.

I am looking for a list of all ewon tags where can i find the reference guide now as this link is no longer working?


Thank you from pointing out the dead link. I have updated the link to the new document. The information you are looking for can be found on the IO Server Guide in section 9.2.1 starting on page 43.

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Thank you greatly