Flexy USB gateway not showing in Ecatcher

I have a Flexy 205 with the 3 USB port card installed. The USBIP gateway is enabled but doesn’t show up in Ecatcher. Ecatcher is at version 6.6.4. Is there anything that I need to check or configure for the USBIP feature to work?

I’ve seen some instances where it takes eCatcher a few moments before the option to connect shows up for the USB IP. If that doesn’t work can you try taking the usb cable that the Flexy is using and try removing it? Then take that USB cable and plug it into your laptop and check if your laptop is able to reach the device? I just want to make sure it’s not an issue with the cable.

The flash drive and USB cable check out. I can use both on my PC on the same device. If it makes any difference the stat, P1-3 lights are all green even when nothing is connected.

Just to make sure, can you try re-installing eCatcher and check to make sure that USB driver is also installed? Or do you have other Ewon’s that you can use the usb on that computer?

I have re-installed and made sure that the USB was enabled, the result is the same. I do not have access to any other EWons at this time.

Can you make sure that this is set to a value of 1 in the COMcfg for the Ewon?

it is enabled

Can you try and upgrade your Flexy to the most recent firmware using eBuddy? Or can you let me know what firmware the device is currently on?

It was at 14.1s0, I have updated it to 14.3s0. The USB’s are now showing up in eCatcher. Now, is there a way to connect with them over IP on the LAN? If I am local to the Flexy, can I use the USB gateway?

I’ll need to check if there’s a way to initiate that connection. I’m not quite sure if we have a way to do this but I’m going to escalate this to my colleagues in Belgium and let you know what I find out

Hi @zcrabbs,

It looks like this can be done. I just checked with my colleague and he said this:

Yes it should work locally using the tool “USBNetworkGate” from Eltima : USB over Ethernet: powerful USB over Network sharing software

eCatcher uses their libraries at the background.