Flexy VPN Connection Issue


Can someone please review the attached backup and see if they can determine why the Flexy lost its VPN connection? We do have some basic code running on the unit that checks for a VPN connection every x minutes and if there is not one then reboot after a couple of minutes. This did not seem to work over the weekend and the user had to power cycle the unit to get it to reconnect to the VPN.


Hi Ted,

After looking at the logs we saw that the device seemed to go offline around 12:05 AM on 11/11/2018 when the device couldn’t read the Talk2m VPN server address. After that it reverted back to its last working setup but wasn’t able to establish connection again for a while.



Any idea why it could not read the server address? The unit had to be power cycled to get it to connect.


Hi Ted,

We’re not noticing anything on our end, we’re reaching out to our colleagues in Belgium to see if they know anything about this.


I am very interested in this root cause. I think I may have the same issue.


Any word with this issue? We had a similar thing happen over the weekend where the unit was showing as being online but was not able to send any information through m2web.




Hi Ted,

They did not see anything specific that may have caused the previous issue. They’re taking a look at the new backup file now.




Hi Ted,

Right now they’re trying to see if it is an issue that is caused by sending too many requests at once or if something else is causing the issue.

He wants to know if the eWON was still reachable on the 30th when you were running into the issues with the data being sent out



I do not know. The second issue that I reported the unit just seemed to come out of it. The unit was reachable when I got into the office and tried to connect to it to check the logs.


Hi Ted,

Can you update your script and make these changes?

we now perform all the Talk2M API requests via: https://us1.talk2m.com/ … instead of https://m2web.talk2m.com/



There are multiple places where it is documented to use the m2web instead of us1 since the traffic is routed to the correct address based on location and availability.

Is this not the case any more? What happens when the us1 is not available?


Also us1.talk2m.com does not seem to be valid.

I can ping, run a tracert and post to m2web.talk2m.com all of that fails to the us1 address.

I can use Postman to change the values using the m2web address it fails with the us1 address.


Hi Ted,

After talking with some colleagues from Belgium, they said that this is a more direct route and may fix some of these problems. I’ll need to check with him tomorrow morning to make sure he gave me the right address




He just got back to me. He said the number can vary depending on the country you’re in. But the easiest way to find this is to go onto your m2web page and go click on one of your devices. In the URL it should show something similar to us1.m2web.talk2m.com.

Going through this on my end gave me the this one: us4.m2web.talk2m.com