Flexy WAN Card turning on and off


I have an eWON Flexy 20x with Firmware version13.2s0. The wan card lights come on for 10 seconds and then go off for about 30 seconds and then back on…over and over. When I try and register the device it fails as it cannot find a network connection. I have moved the card to all of the other slots and get the same result. Any help?



Is this a Flexy FLX 3101 that you’re trying to use, or another card? Can you send us a backup log of the device so we can take a closer look at this?


Yes this is a FLX 3101 card. I am uploading the data log file.[color=red]MOVED TO STAFF NOTE[/color] (891 KB)



From what I can see on here, it looks like the issue is that the LAN and WAN are in the same subnet and that seems to be causing some issues. The post below should help with this issue.