Flexy203, no connection to talk2m

Hi team,
i have a flexy203, last fw version;
the customer say that the firewall is ok
the T2mConnectionChecker display all green ticks
but the ewon won’t connect to talk2m.

in attachments the backup with support files, the t2mconnectionchecker logs, and two screenshots about the connection wizard

thanks a lot for our service

Are you using a Static IP address on the Internet Connection?

From the errors indicated on the screeenshot. It looks to be that the unit doesn’t actually have internet connection.

The unit Is ok, answer at a ping request. The same cable on another PC with the same ip and t2mconnectionCecker Is All ok


Are you pinging the LAN side or the WAN side?

When you launch the Internet Wizard, does it pass the WAN Connection and the Internet connect?

Also i am curious on the SSL Negotiation failed.

I would also check the firewall to ensure that the it is able to communicate with the servers. The document below explains the whitelisting required:

I ping the wan side. The internet test in ok. The firewall Is configured as descrivere in the doc. For The Talk2m connection checker Is All ok…

Do you want to schedule a screen share session so that I can take a look?

My availability is 8am to 5pm EST
Monday through Friday
You can reach me at kann@hms.se

I would also check the OpenVPN stting on the Firewall.

For the ewon Is not a problem to do a screen sharing, for the firewall i Need ti check the availability of the IT guy because Is a external Company in Italy.
But a question : why the connection checker Say that Is All ok ? See my log of the First post


The VPN Connection Test just checks for the ability to establish a VPN connection. It doesn’t simulate the actual process. If there is an issue with the Firewall or with the configuration of the unit (I didn’t see anything that would indicate this), It will give a false positive.

Thankyou Kevin for the explain.

So for a complete check it’s better to use ecatcher and try to connect to another ewon?


If there is an issue with the unit, there could be some other problems on the unit. This is why I suggested a teamviewer meeting, so that i can take a look at the unit.

ok Kevin,

i have tried to use ecatcher and the vpn on other machines works perfectly, so the firewall of the customer i think is ok.

if you can , i have a technician onsite with teamviewer ready for your support.

when i have your ok i can send the teamviewer id and pw for the connection



I am available 8am to 5pm EST, Monday through Friday.

We can set up a meeting using email. You can reach me at kann@hms.se

ok check your email