Flexy205 cannot upload data to datamailbox

I have three EWON Flexy 205 running at the same customer site. All of them upload data to datamailbox. Two of them are running smoothly and the last one stopped data upload to datamailbox this morning. The problematic unit worked yesterday. Another minor problem on the unit is that ‘String’ tag is not uploaded to datamailbox properly from day 1.

Here is my observation and troubleshooting so far:
(1) Historic log is enabled and data are stored in irc_tag.txt files
(2) Talk2mAPI, Historical data and tag groups are checked under Setup-System-Main-Data Management
(3) The tags in Talk2mAPI selected tag groups have historical log available
(4) Within Talk2m-SDK Datamailbox viewer, no new data flows into datamailbox

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I have three Flexy205 running at the same customer. Two of them works smoothly but the third one failed to upload data to datamailbox. The problematic unit was working yesterday and started to have issues this morning. Historical log is enabled for tags. By visiting IRC_tag.txt file directly, I can can confirm that new data are stored in EWON local memory. However, by reviewing data from Talk2m-SDK Talk2M viewer, new data failed to upload to datamailbox.

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Is anyone able to take a look at this case and help me out?
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Hello Can you supply a backup with Support files of the affected device? It should be an issue with connectivity.

Hello Kevin,

The data uploaded to datamailbox once last Friday July 9th and probably twice today. The set frequency is every 5 min. The unit shows online on eCatcher. Please see the file below.

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I will review the ebent logs for this unit.

Hello Kevin,

Thanks for reviewing the log. Just want to give you an update that the data sync works for 1-2 hours yesterday and it failed this morning again. I can see the EWON online through ecatcher but no data is transferred to datamailbox.

Through Talk2m DataMailbox Viewer, I selected the history of one tag collected from the problematic EWON unit. The tag is collected and uploaded to datamailbox every 5 mins. The most recent data comes from yesterday July 12th and the last Synchro Data date is today July 13th.

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Just want to have a quick follow-up on this problem. The EWON still cannot transfer data to datamailbox smoothly today.

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What is the frequency that you expect for the logs to appear?

I do not see any errors from the unit, but rather gaps of time between the uploads.

We set the frequency as every 5min. But no data was uploaded today. I can see the unit was online for 4 hours today from eCatcher.

Why do you have the Reboot section? Is that for error checking the data export?

Can you provide me a backup with support files of a working unit?

The code determines if the unit has been offline continuously for a certain time. If this occurs, it will reboot at 1:30AM local time.

Here is the archive file of a working unit.


You have some syntax errors in your code that could be causing issues, as well as the additional code that you added on to the non working unit. I suspect the error is occuring during the execution of the additional code that you wrote.

I would run and check for any errors that could be occuring in the code. Your labels are incorrect as well, you have “:” in the title which causes the issue with the Label call as it doesn’t exactly match.

To simply the unit settings, I will disable the BASIC code and setup historic logging frequency of one tag using the web interface tomorrow. I will keep observing the tag for one day and report back on Wednesday. If the data upload issue gets resolved, it indicates the problem was caused by BASIC code. If not, we can keep digging the datamailbox upload issue.

The BASIC code was disabled and one tag was set to store to historic file every 1 min. The data management is set as “Talk2mAPI” and frequency is 5min.

However, the data still didn’t upload to datamailbox. There are hundreds of records in the IRC_Tagname.Txt file but only 4 records are available to datamailbox.

Is there anything I can provide for troubleshoot?

I will escalate the issue on my end to see if there is anything else that i may have missed.

Can you increase the historic log frequency to 5 minutes, and the upload to 7minutes? I am wondering if it’s too fast for the ewon unit to handle.

Thanks for escalating.

I doubt frequency is the reason because there are other units running without any problems with the same frequency setting. I will make the suggested change when the system is online. The equipment is powered on about 5-6 hours a day.

Lastly, are there any limitations with data transfer using datamailbox? The only limit I know is 5M transactions/month for free account and the usage can be tracked in eCatcher. Are there other limitations on datamailbox transaction that may cause the described issue? Just want to make sure that I didn’t miss anything obvious.

The historic log frequency and upload frequency was changed to 5min and 7mim, respectively.

The problem still exists. In Historic file stored in eWon, there are over 20 datapoints from today (July 23rd). There is only one datapoint in datamailbox.

I sent the documentation to my escalation team, i will update you once i get a response.