FSE11850 - Support Needed


Need support for a client.

He said:

“I have been using the DK-RC-Wifi-1 Device and I am pretty happy with it. But, I have a question.

I can see that the Darkin controller is not matching what the DK-RC-Wifi-1 is showing in the app. Is there a way to make the DK-RC-Wifi-1 control the room temperature tighter? The room is not tracking to what the Darkin controller is commanding currently, do you know of any way to make this better, or should I contact Darkin? I attached a couple of photos that show what I am referring to.”

I attach the pictures.


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I would check with Daiken. The setpoint seems to be updating based on the pics you provided. When you adjust the setpoint with 5+ degree difference on the app, does it show activity in the remote?

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