FW: 2 ewons burning through huge data PLEASE HELP! Account 270072-24

Good morning: I am trying to solve an excessive data issue, loss, or misuse issue. (ACCOUNT 270072-24) It involves 2 of our 11 ewons. I have tried to reference the enormous data usage of these 2 units (one since March 10 and the other since April 28). I finally pulled a sim card from a site yesterday to help stop the bleeding. I am trying to find the other site. I was a bit confused when you people sent a statement for April charging additional data of 35.00 USD that we have not seen before. Then our cellular provider notified us that our company group data package was at 95% capacity last Thursday. These two devices represented 60% of our total monthly package with 6 business phones and 10 ewons. We have had to purchase 2 additional add ons to get us through the month. Our cellular provider data lets us know which 2 sim cards are causing trouble. All of our units are relaying the same daily files to us and the ewon logs (even for the known culprit “006 Liquid Logics” ). Nothing seems out of the ordinary with the units. They only have a Modem card and and an I/O card. No WIFI so that should rule out unwanted users at our end. The data usage or wastage is fairly consistent throughout the day. Please help me by ruling out any unauthorized use possibilities at your end as these devices are on a continuous connection to you folks. They time out and reconnect every 60 minutes.
Hope to hear from you soon. I am trying to source the second unit so that I can disconnect the VPN until I can rectify the problem.
Thanks in advance, Chris

Chris Woodhead, President,

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