FW: Anybus Ethernet IP question


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I am using one of your anybus modules and have a question. The manual specifies that the proper way to use “change of state on trigger” is to increment the value by 1. If I have an if statement to reset this value to 1, or zero, will that initiate an additional trigger? My question in simpler terms is does any change in value initiate a trigger, or just increments? I have an if statement to reset the trigger to 1 once the value exceeds 100 and would like to know if this is producing an additional trigger.

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The change of state on trigger will trigger for any change to the value and it does not need to be an increment. You should be able to just toggle between a 0 and a 1.



Okay, thank you. Would you please remove my name and logo from the original post.


Sorry about that i missed it when correcting the original post. It should be cleaned up now.
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