FW: Anybus gateway invalid input size


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Good morning,

We have recently purchased an Anybus X-Gateway Article #: AB7832-F and Serial#: A0394AEB, and when we set it up through the Logix 5000 v31, we can not put more than 10 INT in the input and output, if we do 11 or more then we get an error that says invalid input size. There is a gentlemen that I work with who is using one (same number and everything) and his is currently set at 15 INT in and out. Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks!

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Thank you for the support request.

Have you configured the device with Anybus configuration manager? It sounds like you are using the default configuration of 20 bytes in and 20 bytes out.
The software is available on the files and documents page for the gateways.

Let me know if you have any questions.