FW: intesisi to daikin BACnet @ LAUSD

HMS Support,

Please approve an RMA for this customer. I’ve talked with him this morning and reviewed the application, and it seems that he has already been in touch with support on this as well. It looks like we have a defective Intesis unit and it
needs to be replaced.


Hello I was given your contact info from Moe with MechTech to try to help us get this unit connected to our BACnet EMS system at this school in Los Angeles. Can you please contact me ASAP I am on site today trying to take care of this.

Daikin unit # FDMQ24RVJU
Daikin Wired Remote Controller # BRC1E73 wired into P1P2
The interface is in Master setting as it has to be for our BACnet interface. In Slave setting it crashes our BACnet communication. In Master I’m able to see it on our system but the P1P2 communication fails between Intesis Interface device, Daikin unit and Daikin wired remote controller. On the Intesis LED1 is steady red and error code U5 is displayed on the Diakin Wired remote controller. No cable was provided with this unit. We pulled 2, 18g tffn wires from wired remote controller to unit P1P2 and 2 more 18g tffn wires from unit P1P2 to the intesis and we have purchased a usb power supply to a wall box like a cell phone charger powering the intesis.
Intesis Interface INBACDAI001R000

Is there a setting on the unit I have to change? Or a factory cable between the interface and the unit? Or are we missing something here?

Richard Lovorn

Hello Richie,

I have created the RMA case. You should be receiving the RMA Portal Process guide.