Garibaldi Winery - Cosy Setup issues


My name is Jeisson, I work at Garibaldi Winery, from Brazil.

We’re currently using Ewon Cozy in our company, however, we’re having trouble to configure the internet connection on the device. We have already set a static IP and released it on our firewall, but connection tests continue to fail. We have also monitored our firewall, which is a Sophos XG 115, and didn’t notice any traffic when trying to connect to the internet on Ewon, as if it were not trying to send any data. We have already checked the connection ports and they’re all ok.

Could you please help us?

Thank you very much!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Hello Jeisson,

Can you send us a backup.tar file of this device with support files included from eBuddy?

Is the issue that it can’t connect to the internet or that it can’t pass the Talk2m/VPN wizard?

Can you verify that OpenVPN isn’t being blocked on that network and have them take a look at this doc to make sure that these ports/addresses are whitelisted/open?

What kind of internet connection are you using? Ethernet, WI-FI, 3G, 4G?