Gateway off line


I have a ab7844 gateway that is off line. how does a person get it to come back on line. the video says that it is a plug and play device. you guys earlier told me that the configuration manager can do everything I need. But it still remains off line according to the red L.E.D. on the front of the gateway.


I’m not sure which video you are referring to, but it does need to be configured with the Anybus Configuration Manager, which mostly entails setting the correct Input and Output sizes. Of course, you also must add it to the Devicenet and Profibus networks (using management software like RSLogix, TIA Portal, etc.) like any other device.The EDS and GSD file are on the Product Page for that purpose.

Was this working before and then stopped working? Or has it never been configured and added to the networks?

Which LED is red? Is it solid or blinking? Can you give me the status of all of the LEDs?

the video is found going through the product page that you are referring me to.
I set the correct input and output sizes with the A.C.M.
This Is the first time you guys mentioned RSLogix. How would a person go about using it with this set up.
the gateway has never been used before. I am trying to get it going for the first time.
the top LED is green and the offline LED is red nothing is flashing. The ones in the middle are off.

Hi Bryce,

Have you configured a DeviceNet network before? There is a Scanner and and there are Adapters (aka slaves). The Scanner sends out the requests, and the Adapter just sits there and waits and then responds when called on. The Anybus is an Adapter. You need to configure your network using the appropriate software for your Scanner so that it will be able to communicate with the Anybus. This typically involves using the provided EDS file to add the Anybus to the Scanner’s configuration. We provide an example of how to do this with an Allen Bradley PLC and the RSNetworx software.

What is the Scanner on your DeviceNet network?


I have never set up a network before. So to set up the DeviceNet network…
I need to buy a scanner.
An RSNetWorx program.
And a RSLogix program.

Where does a person connect the scanner to the system?

What do I need to buy to set up the Profibus network on the other side of the gateway?

What are you trying to connect to?

We have a high end Okuma lathe, it is speaking devicenet.
It is wired to your anybus gateway.
That is wired to a Fanuc robot speaking Profibus. I found the proper cable doing the search you told me to do.
Everyone keeps saying that it is almost plug and play. They say that if it is not working it is the other equipment providers problem.

Is there a PLC on the Okuma lathe? Do you have a manual for it?

As far as the Fanuc robot, they can sometimes be configured as Masters. Are you the one doing the configuration?

Are these the only devices being connected or are there other devices onthe DeviceNET or Profibus networks?

It is a stand alone system. The gateway is connected straight to the okuma lathe. there is not any plc’s involved. The gateway was put on by the Okuma provider Hartwig. so I know that it was put on properly.
We had Fanuc send a technical service rep. to set up the robot. He told us we need a better cable for the profibus connection. we have bought and installed that cable… the cable ends have self diagnostic LEDs on them. They are indicating that the cable is functioning properly.
WE still have no communication and a LED on the gateway says that it is off line.
So where do I go from here?

Can you put me in touch with Hartwig? I need to know how they have configured the DeviceNET network.

Over-the-Phone Live Technical Support Call Center: 1-833-MY-HARTWIG

I’m not the customer, I can’t just call the toll free number because they won’t be able to help me. I need you to put me in contact with someone familiar with this machine or the project.

what information do you need for your conversation with them?

what programs are available that can put the mode to run, on the gateway


If you leave the Control/Status Word disabled than it will automatically go into run mode. Otherwise you have to write to the control word, which you won’t be able to do at the moment with out a scanner.This is configured in the Anybus Configuration Manager X-Gateway.

this is very confusing, so where do I do from here to get it to go to online status ?

Have you downloaded the Anybus Configuration Manager and uploaded the configuration from the X-Gateway to check if the Control/Status word is Enabled?

is this what your wanting to see?

I’m not sure what you mean.

You need to make sure that the control/status word is disabled, so that it will automatically start in Run Mode. Otherwise you would need to write to the control word, which is not going to be possible if you don’t have a DeviceNET master. To disable the control/status word, you would connect with the USB cable, upload the configuration using Config Manager, change this setting:

to Disabled, and then download to the gateway.