Get file size in Flexy's FTP Server

I’ m developing a tool in python to extract files from the flexy’s FTP. Everything works fine but the only problem is when I try to get the size of a file.
I’ve tried it through my tool and connecting me to the ftp server via cmd. I’m trying the commands SIZE(fileName) and MLSD(path, facts=[]) in both cases I got Error 500 as response.
The only way I found is to append in a list the response of DIR command and then parse the data.
Are these commands (size and mlsd) available in the flexy’s FTP server? I’ ve seen that in BASIC is possible to get the file size.
Thank you

Hello Adria,

If I use the FTP Client Filezilla it also only shows 0 byte as the Filesize in the root Folder.
So this seems to be a parameter that is not available over FTP in the Root Folder. (Only after you downloaded it will you see the size in the Folder where you put it it in your own File system it seems)
But I can see the size of the Files in the User Folder. (at least via Filezilla)

Or you could think about another way to solve it: would help to do it the other way around? The Flexy the FTP Client and the Python script the FTP server.


Hello Franziska,
Finally, I’ve used the command DIR which returns a list of the directories and files found in the selected path. I appended this list into an array and then parsed it.
Img. Return of dir command (size in yellow)

Hi Adria_Garcia,

I’m happy to hear you could get what you needed!
Are these Files in the User Folder? And You request the information with DIR from the python Skript?
Or do you even get the Size from the Root Folder?