Get more user details

Hi all,

is it possible to get more account user details like his description, assignment (type) or his email via the M2Web API if the user is logged in?

Hi Ralf,

Can you explain what you mean by assignment type or description?

I’ll check with some colleagues in Belgium to see if they have any info on this

I meant the information you can enter when creating a new user via eCatcher.
Examples (E-mail, Description, Type) are marked red in the picture

I Ralf,

I was just speaking with our developers and unfortunately this is not something that’s possible right now.

Hi Tim,

thanks for the feedback and I hope that there will be some changes at this point of the interface.

Hi Ralf,

I’ll send the developers a message about this request

Is there already something new here or can this feature still be implemented?

It might be a feature that they will implement in the future but as of right now, the development team hasn’t had any time to implement this feature yet.