Get older version of GSD file -" hms- abx_etnm_2p-20150914.xml "

Im trying to get a hold of original gsd file used to program a PLC.
It did not work with " hms- abx_etnm_2p-20191120.xml "
Is there any directory to download older versions.

Or maybe someon have one laying around.

Thanks in advance

You could try our Legacy Products page if it’s an older device and you can’t find the product page with the gateway selector. However, if you can provide me with the serial number, I should be able to find the correct file for you.

Just adding a little information this is for Art# AB9007
Anybus X-gateway - Modbus TCP Client - PROFINET-IO Device
I dont have the serial at this point.

Try this one:

GSDML-V2.31-HMS-ABX_ETNM_2P-20180417.xml (1.4 MB)

Thank you for your help.
But it seems that the only one I can use is ” hms- abx_etnm_2p-20150914.xml ”
The reason why is that I’m trying to retrieve the PLC program from the PLC.
The newest one should have worked with a new Project/program in TIA portal.

So you were able to find that file and get it working?

quelqu’un aura un lien pour télécharger le gsdml-v2.31-hms-abx_etnm_2p-20191120.xml 1.0
j’en ai besoin pour accéder à un programme en ligne.
Je serai très heureux d’avoir ce GSDML.

merci d’avance.

I haven’t been able to find the file. Which device is it for - the AB9006?