Get tags from plc (s7-1500)


I would to know if, is it possible to get tags from Siemens S7-1500 to ewon flexy 205, with symbolic directionality?. And know how.


Hi Jairo,

You should be able to read tags from an S7-1500, but what do you mean by symbolic directionality?


There is two ways to direct tags in s7-1500 and s7-1200.
Symbolic direction : Motor 1; Motor 2; Motor 3…
Absolute direction: Db2.dbx1.0; db2.dbx1.1; Db2.dbx1.3…


Hi Jairo,

From what I’ve seen looking through the documentation it seems like you’re able to poll tags but you need to follow the restrictions on page 19 in this doc

It looks like you also ned to make sure that you make sure that there’s a setting checked in TIA on the bottom of this link: