Getdata from DataMailbox



I’m trying to read data from the DataMailbox.

I’ve set up the configuration of my ewon as per the instructions and I’ve obtained a developer API key.

I’m using python and posts from requests. Doing a ‘getewons’ returns 200 and the list that contains my only ewon flexy that is configured to push data. Doing a ‘getewon’ returns 200 and the json object that shows the one tag I have configured to push data. It shows a recent lastSynchroDate; however, when I do a ‘getdata’, I get a response of 200, but the json object for values is empty. Doing a ‘getstatus’ returns {‘historyCount’: -1, ‘ewonsCount’: 1, ‘ewons’: []}.

For testing, on the ewon, I’m historically logging the tag every 5 seconds, and I’ve set the DataMailbox upload interval to 5 minutes.

Is there something I’m missing in the configuration?



Hello Mike,

Can you upload the two calls that you are using so that I can test them? I suspect that your calls to the data mailbox is not correct or you might not be pushing data up from the Flexy.

I will remove the calls before it is posted to protect your account info and Keys.



Hi Derek,

I discovered my issue. In the tag configuration, under Instant Value, I didn’t have a Group selected. After selecting a group and configuring the same group in Data Mangement I can now see data.