GETFTP Problem

I’m trying to load a file into an Ewon and I’m trying to do so using the a local FTP server and the function GETFTP.
my code is GETFTP “file.txt”,"/usr/file.txt",“user:password@localhost:21,1”.
The problem is that the file gets loaded with the correct name but it’s empty. Also when I try to retrieve it from the Ewon using the EBD $dtUF$uf/usr/file.txt I get a bin file called $dtUF$uf/usr/file.txt.bin. Any guess of what I’m doing wrong?


Where are you running the GETFTP request in the basic IDE? You might want to use the OPEN request to access a file in the USR directory.

It also sounds like there could be an issue with the file. Do you have any issues accessing the file over FTP from your pc?

Hi, GETFTP is inside a function called in the INIT section. Using FileZilla Client I can access the file and see his content without problems.

I tried using OPEN adnGET to read some lines but I get other errors, I would like to resolve this problem first and then try to Open and read/modify the file

Another thing, in Planned Actions i see that every time i call the GETFTP I get the log “FTP srv error” id 24017

Is there data in the file? Can you send me a copy of the file to test with?

It’s just a simple txt file with emails and telephone numbers contatti.txt (98 Bytes)

When you use run the GETFTP command do you see any errors in the event logs? Can you try running it with the devices LAN IP rather the localhost?


Hi, I will be able to work on this issues in a few days, I will try to set up a station just to test the FTP transfer. Thanks for your assistance

Hi @pegu,

Did changing the url to use the LAN IP resolve the issue?