Getting internet from EWON Cosy to PC throw LAN


I have EWON Cosy 131 with 4G Sim.

The EWON LAN IP is and I have two components connected to it’s LAN:

  1. B&R Screen IP adress
  2. B&R PC IP adress

I need to have the ability to connect to the interent with the PC based on the SIM card.

I saw the my best option it to change the configuration in the comcfx.txt file, but the file doesn’t open.
I thought it’s basic once I put the SIM inside the EWON, then all the LAN devices connected to it can access internet.

I would appreciate any help


Here is the document on allowing internet passthrough. In addition to this you will also have to statically set your PCs’ DNS.

You will have to open the cosy’s web page and go to setup>system>storage>edit com.cfg to change that parameters on the cosy.


Thanks! It’s working now. But what should I change in DNS parameters? I didn’t change statically the DNS but it still working. Is it going to cause any problems?


If your resolving a DNS on the PC and reaching the internet then you are fine. In some cases after changing the gateway and settings if you still don’t get internet access you will need to manually set a DNS on the PC.

Ok, Thank you!