Getting tag values using API


I’m readinh through the M2Web API documentation and I get down to section 5.1.1.
If I dont want a csv file, but instead just the result returned back as JSON, what request should I use?


Hi Lars,

I’m looking at the M2Web-Api doc below but it looks like that section is about session management login.

rg-0004-00-en-reference-guide-for-m2web-api.pdf (375.9 KB)

Can you send me the doc you’re looking at?



maybe you can show me a sample pulling Flexy data tags from NodeRed ?


Hi Lars,

It looks like since you’re using the export block descriptor for the eWON you’re limited to these outputs

But it might just be easier for you to save it as a csv and then parse it later


Is there another option than using the export block descriptor ?


I’ll need to check this one with our colleagues in Belgium to find out


Take a look at the “getdata” and “syncdata” commands in this document.


Here’s what I heard back from them:

"By default, this is not possible.
But you can create a custom file with the extension .shtm in which you write a static JSON with the tags values using the SSI TAGs.

There is an example here on the Tech Forum: