Google Home Temp Units

Hello, I tried searching but could not find a solution,
Installed the Fujitsu units to the house with the Intesis wireless AC cloud control. After adding the units to Google Home, they all show in Celcius, and can’t find where to change them to Fahrenheit.

I changed the settings in the AC Cloud UI and added and removed the devices but no luck.
Any ideas?

Hi @morac2010,

First, what is the Order Code and/or MAC ID of the Intesis device you have? All the product info should be printed on the device labels (I don’t need the 25-digit activation code).

Is the temperature showing as Fahrenheit or Celsius in the AC Cloud app?

  • MAC= CC3F1D02EF80

  • MAC= CC3F1D02F0C8

Devices show as F in the Cloud app since I changed my preferences under settings and advanced.

I will check with the Intesis developers, but I believe that the temperature is transmitted in Celsius by the Fujitsu and transmitted in Celsius by the Intesis and it’s normally the applications responsibility to do the conversion to Fahrenheit.

One other thing. Can you check the documentation for your Fujitsu unit to see if there is a setting for C/F?

Well the units on the remote controls all show in F.


Is this a wired or wireless remote?


So there is probably a setting on the remote that lets you switch from C to F, right? I expect the wireless remote is doing the conversion.

Have you checked if there is an option on the AC itself? Sometimes there is a dipswitch on the circuit board.

I would recommend creating a support case at so that we can escalate this to the Intesis developers to see if they have a solution.

Can you send a screenshot of what you are seeing in the Google Home app?

Good morning, it seems like it has been changing 2 of the 4 units fail to connect to google home and the other two show as an on & off fan only.

Where is the temp in Celsius?

Now that doesn’t even show up. They turned into fans.

Unfortunately, the Google integration is very simple / basic. I will try to confirm with the Intesis team what the extent of the integration is.