GPS in the EC360

What is the positional accuracy for the GPS inside the EC360? For example, Banner Engineering gives a spec on their GPS module as “Positional accuracy (CEP50) autonomous positional error less than 2.5 meters”

Can the Netbiter be configured to record the GPS location each time a digital input is made?

Hi Tom,

I’ll check with Sweden and see what I can find out for you.


Hi Tom,

This is what I heard back from my colleagues:

Longitude. and latitude. can be logged on Argos. But it can not be based on other signals (DI).

We don’t know the accurate of the GPS because it is not static. It is based on how many viewed and used satellites and other parameters. On the local web pages you will find a signal strength of the GPS that could be used instead. This value cannot be sent to Argos. It is only visible on the local web pages. (Status page, GPS tab)