GSD file for an Anybus-CC PROFIBUS DP-V1 gateway immediate assistance request



My name is Marco Soto; I am currently having issues with a GSD file for an Anybus-CC PROFIBUS DP-V1 gateway. When ever I open the hardware configuration for my project I get a warning from step7 stating that the GSD file found in my catalogue is older than the one found in my project (error seen below).

However the .gsd that it requires (HMS_1811.GSD) is already in my catalogue

Is there a way to determine what .gsd file is needed specifically or do I have to generate the .gsd from the gateway itself? Please assist me, on the matter as I am on a customer site trying to fix this issue.


Hi Marco,

Can you provide the serial number for the device so I can look up the correct GSD file? Have you done any firmware updates?




I do not have the serial number for this device as it is on a customer site. Is there any other information I can get you?




I want to add that the device has probably not received any firmware updates since its installation in 2012

Likewise here is the network settings:

How many .gsd files exist for this device? Is it possible to provide all the .gsd files created for this device?


I am going to need at least the model or article number. I’m not even sure which device we are talking about yet.