GSD Generator Error

I have this exact same problem. Did you ever find a solution?

Hi Santi,

What is the article number for the anybus device you’re working with?

Hello Tim,

Thanks for getting back to me, I am using an AnyBus CompactCom M40 on a Profinet Starter Kit board.

These are the article and serial numbers of the module:

Article: AB6705-C

Serial: A03DABDF

Hi Santi,

I have a couple of questions first, when you hit scan do you see a device appear like the image below. Also do you already have a vendor ID?


Hi Tim,

Forgive my tardiness, I was busy with other projects and had to put this one aside for a few days.

It seems to be working fine again, don’t know exactly why. One of these projects I mentioned was a Profibus device, so I used the same hardware (with different module) and made the necessary adaptations on the driver. Reverting those changes back to the Profinet configuration seems to have done the trick.

I’m sorry I can’t be of more help for anyone with a similar problem.

Thanks for your time,


Ok I’ll close this ticket for now but if you have questions on it again later feel free to respond to this one again.